Does pagination affect PR flow?

Hi All,

I have a listings based website and it shows results based on a search. I also use mod_rewrite to create static versions like below.

See here:

Please ignore the number of links on this page(I am working to reduce them to the +-100/page advised by SEs).

In some cases there may be as many as 100 or 200 pages of results. I currently use page numbers and the First Next Prev Last links. To avoid duplicate titles, descriptions and URL's I add the string " - Page" and the page number to the end of these elements.

This differentiating between pages seems to work but my site doesn't seem to distribute PR across the site properly.

Could it be because pagination may be producing too many similar pages?
Should I use rel canonical to point all paginated pages to page 1?
Would rel canonical make the content on page numbers greater than 1 un-indexible?

Any help is appreciated.
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Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
I would try and provide deeper filtering so you can tunnel down to results that don't require paging.


Hotels For Sale in the UK provides links like:

Hotels For Sale in London
Hotels For Sale in Sheffield

This not only gets around the paging issue but also helps group your hotel pages in keyword based pages and links.

It looks like you have the structured data already in place as your Quick Search uses it.

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