dell d410

Have a latitude d410 when you press the power button it lights like its going to boot but innediatly turns off nothing appears on the monitor just shuts down any ideas where to start?
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
boot from a Knoppix live cd to copy the files -  it allows USB drives to copy to 
To me it would either be some bad capacitors on a motherboard or the power supply
Kelly W.
8am8am12Author Commented:
Power supply on a laptop you mean the battery or the actual poor connection
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I mean the power supply inside of the laptop and not the battery.
Kelly W.
here my laptop troubleshooting guide :
- if no display - test with an external monitor
- test with battery alone, or with AC Alone
- test also with a known good battery !
- remove battery and AC adaptor, hold power button for 20 sec, connect AC and reboot --> any display ? if NO -->
- disconnect all disk and cd drives, battery , and other cards and peripherals, leave only 1 ram stick
- boot -->any display ?
- if NO remove all ram and reboot --> if NO beeps, mobo or cpu bad ; if it beeps, replace ram stick
-if you can access the bios battery, remove the battery, AC, and bios battery for a minute to reset the bios
or test it, it should read 3 V
*** you can test the disk on another pc, if you like !
Start by taking out your battery and unplug the power adapter for 30 and then put back in battery and plugin ac adapter. Try the power button now. This may or may not help.

1. Check your ac adapter see my article here.

2. Check your memory , clean and reseat

3. Check your DC power jack see my article here.

4. All so it can be a heat problem.
8am8am12Author Commented:
ok i've followed nobus's checklist and given up on the laptop its dead i have taken the hard drive out to copy the files but cant access the user accounts in windows 7 any suggestions?
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