How to create a jagged edge in photoshop cs4

I need to create an edge like the one in the attached photo.  I know how to create a rough edge but cannot figure out how to create this cut in and out edge.  Does anyone have a great tutorial on how to do this?

Jagged Edge
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David BruggeCommented:
The first thing that you need to learn is

How to drag things in a straight line.

In Photoshop, you cannot drag things on the background layer, so you need to be working on another layer. Draw a box and fill it with a color. Now using your select tool, click on the box and start to drag it.
As you drag, hold down the shift key. You will see that you can now only drag the object straight up and down, or at a 45 degree angle.

Next, how to drag and copy.

This time, before you start to drag, hold down the Alt key (Option key on Mac) then drag. When you drag, you are dragging a copy of the original. When you release the mouse button, a copy of the box is left in the that spot.

To make a jagged edge (one way) like the example.

Start by making your two stripes, only make them either straight up and down, or side to side. Then rotate them 45 degrees.

Now zoom in to the bottom corner and  Alt + shift drag the stripe so that it lines up with the other stripe leaving your first jag. Repeat as necessary. Add a drop shadow and you're done.

Another way.

With the design or pattern that you want the jagged edge to appear on on one layer, click on the create mask icon at the bottom of the layers pallet. Now make a black box the size of the "jag" that you want to appear. Rotate it 45 degrees. Now Shift+Alt drag this square so that one edge barely touches the next. Repeat across the screen. Next, use the marquee tool to fill in the bottom section with black. Go back to the art layer and add a drop shadow.

These are just two ways to get a jagged edge. If you play around, I'm sure that other experts also have some suggestions.
brightsusanAuthor Commented:
Question.... How do I rotate the black box mask 45 degrees?  Once I create it  and try to do transform or rotate it wants to rotate the entire image not just the mask box
David BruggeCommented:
Draw a marquee around the box. The reason that it wants to transform the entire image is because a mask layer starts off with a solid white fill. You are just painting black on it.

You might find it easier to see what you are doing by opening the channels pallet and making the mask layer visible.
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