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FMPA sync behavior

I have a FMPA 11 db with several tables that mirror their counterparts in an Oracle enterprise data warehouse. I am using FMPA as a simpler, more efficient method to view, insert, append, and delete Oracle records (over which I have those privileges) than writing lengthy, detailed  SQL queries against  Oracle. When I use Manage>Database>Sync, what are the sync limitations? I.e.:

If I have setup unique identifiers, does Sync setup need to be repeated with each sync, or does one setup allow unlimited syncs on the same relationship?
How long should a modification in FM take to propagate to Oracle after a sync?
Is this a safe and reliable method to append existing records?
I have the experience that the Oracle side tends to repopulate FM after a sync if I have deleted FM records. Am I doing something wrong that can be corrected?

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Will LovingPresidentCommented:
The "Sync" button in Manage -> Database -> Sync is only for synchronizing field schema between FileMaker and the ODBC source, it does not synchronize data. So, for instance, if after you add the external data source table to FileMaker's relationship graph you then either add new fields to the external db or 'delete' a field in an external database within FM, those new or 'deleted' fields will appear in the FileMaker 'shadow' table of your external data source.

To synchronize data between FM and an external data source generally requires scripting and a well-thought out strategy.

For more on this, go to Help -> FileMaker Pro Help and search for the help article called "Updating data between FileMaker and ODBC data sources". There is also a FileMaker Knowledgebase article with general tips on syncing to be found at:

MarkJulieAuthor Commented:
The article was helpful but somewhat bypasses my concern. I have one table that allows me to upload, modify and delete FM records that get mirrored in Oracle. The second that was setup the same way via ODBC behaves erratically. The message I get is that the working table is a fluke, so I will close the question in the absence of better advice.
MarkJulieAuthor Commented:
The solution was complete in the issue it attempted to address. The behavior I experience in FM is more robust than the answer I received, but I was told that syncing is possible or easily achievable between FM and an ODBC data source.
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