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flash simple button with text

Hello experts,

I have a simple Button in Flash cs5 - as3 called btn1 with a dynamic text called text_txt inside inside it.

The goal is simply to change the text BUT..

btn1.visible=true; // works fine
this.btn1.text_txt.text="hello"; // give a NULL error

My question is: how to programatically change the text that is inside that button ?

1 Solution
btn1.label = "hello";
yarekGmailAuthor Commented:
I have this issue not with  a button component but a button movieclip.

Create a rectangle. Press F8 and coose  button
Edit thr buuton and add a text.

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Jeremy DaleySenior DeveloperCommented:
Unless I'm wrong on this, I don't believe chlidren of a "SimpleButton" object are dynamically accessible. Instead you should make it a MovieClip symbol, and manually create all of the rollOver/rollOut behaviors with Actionscript.

Putting a dynamic TextField inside of a MovieClip IS accessible, so I would recommend doing it that way.
i agree with Daleyjem.
either create your own button class to extend the movieclip or make it a basic movieclip with the up/over etc frames, and add listeners to trigger the states
shout if you need an example
Jeremy DaleySenior DeveloperCommented:
Just curious why you accepted the answer from blue-genie when he was just agreeing with what I put first... Shouldn't I at least get some points for this?
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