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can you help how to apply qos on 3com 4500 switch . i required to set the QOS on vlan 192.168.100.x  port 80  with higher priority .

after looking some tech docs it say dont have to create ACL can apply priority by port any help that would be great

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RKinspConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Sandy,

You have three steps for QoS - Classification, Marking, and Prioritization (or Queuing). The first two are easily done with ACLs and the queuing is automatically done for marked traffic. It is also important to understand if you are using the 4500 for just switching or for routing as well. If it is just switching, layer 2 marking will resolve what you need easily.

First, set an ACL to match your traffic

acl number 3000
rule permit tcp source . destination destination-port eq 80

Next, set your Classifier (matches the traffic, to be used for marking later)

traffic classifier web
if-match acl 3000

Now the Marking part (the action to be applied to the traffic), this will mark the 802.1p or layer 2 to 6. You can use DSCP if you want to maerk layer 3.

traffic behavior mark6
remark dot1p 6

Now the policy which ties it all together

qos policy markweb
classifier web behavior mark6

And finally put it on the interface where you expect the incoming traffic

interface Gigabitethernet x/x/x
qos apply policy markweb inbound

The traffic will be marked with 802.1p as 6 and automatically put into the according local-priority Queue. The default 802.1p to local-priority map is as below. You can change it with mapping commands. Higher the number, higher the priority. You can also change the queue methods.

(802.1p -> local)
0 -> 2
1 -> 0
2 -> 1
3 -> 3
4 -> 4
5 -> 5
6 -> 6
7 -> 7

Good luck!


I don't know 3Com sytax, but here is a link to a command reference for this switch:

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