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Monitoring Printer Usuage on the Network


I have a Windows 2008 server which hosts all of our printers, and I want to setup a job which monitors the print usuage of our user's on a the floor.
We have like 3 printers here and I want to monitor the print jobs, is there a way I can do it.

I have seen a lot of third party programs which would help me achieve this but I dont really want to install a 3rd party software on the server  just in case it messes up something!

-Thanks in advance
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1 Solution
Auditing Printers
Printer auditing operates on the same basic principles as file and folder auditing. In fact, the same step-by-step procedures for configuring file and folder auditing apply to printers. The difference lies in what successes and failures can be audited. These events include the following:


Manage printers

Manage documents

Read permissions

Change permissions

Take ownership

These events are stored in Event Viewer's security log, as are all audit events.

To audit a printer, do the following:

1.In the Printers Control Panel applet, right-click the printer to audit, and select Properties.

2.Select the Security tab and then click the Advanced button.

3.In the Advanced Security Settings window, select the Auditing tab, and click the Edit button.

4.Click the Add button to display the Select User or Group window.

5.Enter the name of the user or group to audit when accessing the file or folder. Click the Check Names button to verify the name.

6.Click OK to open the Auditing Entries window.

7.In the Auditing Entry window, select which events to audit for successes or failures. The objects to audit will be different than the auditing available for files and folders, as the printer is a different class of object.

8.Click OK three times to exit.

Now access to the printer will generate security log events, depending on the events that were selected to be audited.

kerry_dsouzaAuthor Commented:
Hi Austin!

Thanks for the post and yeah so I followed ur instructions and tried this on one of my Printers and the account which I setup for auditing was mine just to test and see how it goes and I also sent out couple of print jobs which were succesfull but I dont see any events in the Security log about the actions, is there something I am missing?
kerry_dsouzaAuthor Commented:
Can we use powershell to audit this?
Start > Settings > Printers > File > Run as Administrator (2nd one down with the submenu) > Server Properties > Advanced > "Log spooler information events"

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