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Laptop dual Screens

I am starting to do remote support work and working with multiple sessions.
I need to know if theres a video card or  few usb video cards I can get to use with my VGA screens. I am look at about a total of 3 screens.

I have a Dell Studio 1557
I would like to use my current vga port and add 2 more usb video cards
Can this be done.

If not and i have to use a desktop can someone tell me what type of PCI cards to get?

Thank you
2 Solutions
Aaron TomoskyTechnology ConsultantCommented:
There is no easy/cheap/good way to add 3 screens to a laptop.

Any $50-$100  nvidia or ati card will most likely have two monitor ports. There are some cards with more but most people just buy a second card to support up to 4 monitors.
I have a Dell E4500 laptop and I use two flat panel monitors via the factory Dell docking station as it supports this by default. However, for 3 monitors, I have not really seen a laptop setup like this.

For a desktop, 3 monitors becomes easier. If you are issued a desktop by the company, depending on your line of work, it is likely to have onboard video. This MAY allow you to add a pci express card and use the 2 outputs on the PCIe card as well as the onboard video, but not all do. Another option would be to have 2 cards installed and this will depend on the slots you have available. For example 1 PCIe 2.0 card and one legacy PCI. This really depends on the mainboard you get as to what you can buy.

Some thoughts:
Stick with the same brand of cards for both. i.e both NVIDIA or both ATI.
Choose a card/cards with quiet fans if you will not be doing graphic intensive work/gaming. The larger non-ducted heatsink/fan combos tend to be much quieter.
Also, if you don't need tons of horsepower, don't buy tons, for the noise reason above.
Make sure both cards are dual DVI or HDMI depending on your monitors. There are still some cards sold with one DVI and one VGA which I doubt you'd want.
QlemoC++ DeveloperCommented:
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