Comcast Internet Connection drops with SonicWall TZ 150W

I have a 2009 SonicWall TZ150W (Firmware SonicOS Standard, ROM SonicROM ) .  The support and download renewals have long expired and it would cost more to renew (3 years retro) than buy a new device. The wireless is causing the internet connections to drop for all users and I have to restart the Comcast RCA cable modem and the SonicWall several times per day!  Now I have a purchasing decision to make and I'm asking EE experts for advice.
Should I buy a new all-in-one router/wireless DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem with 4 LAN ports like the Motorola surfboard SBG6580 and dump the SonicWall?  The reviews of this product online are horrible.  Is there a better "business class" modem I should consider instead?  I don't mind paying more money if it will work well on all technologies, low maintenance and easy to set up.
Otherwise, should I just rent a wireless modem from Comcast?
Who makes the best internet appliances now?
Thanks to anyone that would like to share recommendations.
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thutchinsonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I'm sorry I guess I don't know what you mean by "services."  I'm sorry. I'm not using the SonicWall to access my home computer anymore by VPN so I don't need that, if that's what you mean.
Anyway, the Netgear N600 looks like it gets good reviews and has 4 ethernet ports.  Will the Netgear router replace both the SonicWall and the Comcast modem?  Do you recommend this?
In order to help you make a good decision we need to know a few things at least.

1) How many users do you have on your network

2) What technologies are you using?

There is a new SMC Business Class router from Comcast that I have heard good things about. They have been using SMC exclusively for five or so years and they finally have got it right.  The new device is solid from what I hear from people who have received it.  You need to have Business Class Service from Comcast in order to get this device.

Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
1. I never combine my modem and router.

I'm still using a surfboard 5100 that was $80 at best buy, with an $80 rebAte for signing up with cox (I cancled the cox I had 5 min before, I love no contracts) and a $75 bestbuy gift card, and 3 months of Internet for $20.

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thutchinsonAuthor Commented:
To be clear, this is a home network so Comcast business service at $99 per month is probably not feasable from a cost standpoint. At home we have 4 users and 3 wired computers (1 MacPro, 1 WinXP, 1 Windows 7 business pro) and 2 wireless laptops (1 Mac, 1 Windows 7 business pro).

I did install an SMC router and Comcast business service at my small office and the modem works very well.
savoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You still have not told us what services you use?

At my house I have a plain old netgear gig router:;jsessionid=87F7938B26F95DDE8A6A3F61BEC77BF1.bbolsp-app04-41?id=1218007383662&skuId=8998506

I have 4 wired computers, 1 linux server and three wireless laptops and have no issues at all.
I'm sorry was away for a while.

Well yes if you are not using any special services (VPN, tunneling, etc..) then this NetGear device works well.  As I said I use this at home and it serves up my 8 machines just fine. I probably do some more advances stuff than most people running samba, a web server and SFTP server.

BTW, The NetGear would replace your sonicwall, not the modem.  You will still need a modem.
thutchinsonAuthor Commented:
At least you tried (a bit)
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