simple and fast way to copy files, dirtories and subfolder to a desitination locations

what is the best and simple command to copy all the files/subfolder  from 1 place to the others?

xcopy c:\base_folder /s    y:\base_folder   /y /v

-- I like to copy a folder, with all its files and sub directory, to another driver,  replace the file is exist,
  if folder not exist, will create it,  if folder exist, will replace it,  and then verify if copy complete.
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robocopy is my preferred choice (part of Windows 2003 Resource Kit).

Run with /? option to see options.
Robocopy is available at

Something along the lines of:

verify on
robocopy C:\base_folder y:\base_folder /E

should do it I think.  It'll create any new folders and files and replace any files that have changed between the source and destination and will show verification.  By default it will not copy any files that have not changed but this can be overridden if needed with /IS.

If you must use Xcopy, I think this will work:

xcopy c:\base_folder  y:\base_folder /e /v /y
mshox1Author Commented:
thank you very much
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