how to move multiple objects one behind the other simultaneously in opengl



i need to move multiple objects  in the vertical direction one behind the other simultaneously.

say for example  a set of 5 cubes moving one behind the other simultaneously.

Please help!!!!!!
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Could you please expand your question to include:
1) preferred language
2) target for application (web, PC, PlayStation, etc)
3) an graphic library like opengl, flash, darkbasic?
4) do they need collision detection?
manikandan689Author Commented:
using opengl with c++ . no they do not need collision detection

the application i am trying to develop is used in Pc
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I might add are you having problems with moving one object or handling 5 at once?  
manikandan689Author Commented:
Thanks everything is working fine.

when i run my program in my laptop it is working fine but if i run my application in any other low end systems like pentium 3 or pentium 4 processor it is not working. please help

Are the graphics drivers the same?  Or does the lower end systems not have the same graphics software?
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