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Fast low-cost scanner that scan to an SD card or ftp/file server

I currently use a Brother DCP-540CN that scans to an SD card
but it takes abt 10 secs to scan in 300dpi & even longer for higher
dpi. This DCP 540CN just had a problem with its scan function &
is out of warranty.

I've seen Fuji Xerox or Canon photocopiers in the office that could
scan about 10 A4 pages in 10 secs (probably save into memory
before transmitting scan images) to a file server or to an email addr

Anyone know of any low-cost fast scanner (2 secs/page or faster)?
Ideally scan directly to SD card (so that I don't have to power up my PC
file/ftp server).  Budget is below US$300

Just wanted to digitize / manage my thousand over hardcopy documents

Just striked me that a good digital camera can take an image within 1
sec but it's difficult to hold the camera at the right position & some
background light may come into play
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That's going to be a tough one. You have a major jump in price point and speed. Basically, single pass scanning is slow but cheap, and drum scanning (which basically takes a snapshot of the entire page), which is about 10 times faster, but more expensive (as well as larger).

I'm unaware of any intermediate technology, or anything in your price point range other than the slower flatbed scanners. Many models nowadays have multiple slots for different types of flash memory. The only way to get a drum scanner would be to buy it used from some sort of manufacturer's (or foreclosure) sale.

I've done a lot of purchasing for companies for scanners/printers, and there doesn't seem to be any middle ground.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

What about using a digital camera but the problem is I can't possibly
use my bare hands to hold it in certain position.  Today's digital cameras
can be in the range of 14Mpixels in sub $200, just that holding them to
take snapshots of the documents are simply inaccurate : any idea along
this line?  Say a holder that holds digital cam & with good lighting but
filter off background lights/noise?
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

There's quite a fair bit of discussion out there using digital camera to
scan docs but what I lack is a good holding stand (tripod?) with something
that blocks off background noise & good lighting :

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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

I still can't get it right, possibly I don't know how to use the macro
settings yet on my camera & position the docs / book that I want
to scan correctly.

Anyway for benefit of other EE members, some good urls to scan doc :

(but to macro focus in under 2 inches probably won't allow me to capture an
 entire A4 doc;  strange why this url recommend as such )

(do I really need a super wide lens of up to 55mm ?)

Digital cam lenses are not flat & esp scanning a book : book is not
flat, so there's some challenges here
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Looks like this thread is now focusing on digital photography :



& using lightbox :


My remaining question now is:
what's the specs of a digital cam that I need?

angle of lens?  5 to 55mm?

What degree of macro? up to how many inches close-up

Do I really need a DSLR or just a normal digicam?

How many megapix min?
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

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