File Share Witness offline

Envrionment: Exchange 2007 SP2 2x Node CCR cluster running Windows 2008 Server. Cluster is configured to use a File Share Witness, which is located on

Every now and then, I see logs in the Event Log/Recent Cluster Events log stating that the FSW has been unvailable. In some cases, I've seen that the FSW Cluster Core resource is actually offline, and I've had to manually bring it online.

I've checked the Event Logs on Hub1 and there is nothing to indicate any problems there. I checked with our network team, and they said no network issues either.

Has anyone come across this before? And what's the actual effect of the FSW being unavailable for both nodes likely to be? There doesn't seem to have been any problems in terms of peolpe accessing the CMS itself.
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TG TranIT guyCommented:
The command does not change anything, it just reports the value of file share property.  You want to run it on all nodes to make sure that each node sees the same file share property value.
TG TranIT guyCommented:
Issue the command on all nodes:   cluster res "Majority Node Set" /priv

Does it show the correct share?

Also, you may need to check the permission on the FSW
wyclef1Author Commented:

What does that command do exactly, would it change anythung?
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