Netlogon Error 5719


We are using Active Directory 2003 Domain Controllers. We are facing Netlogon Error event id 5719 on Domain controllers. Please post a solution how to prevent netlogon event id 5719.

Thanks in advance.
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have not provided the specific entry from the event viewer I will have to provide general information back.

This is most likely caused by a names resolution/communication error.  It could be temporary or permanent.  See here for a few troubleshooting options:
It could be a lot of causes, you need to post more info

JamesSenior Cloud Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
I am suspecting that there maybe a problem with DNS. So if you could please from the command prompt type Netdiag and then press enter and examine the output and look for any errors.  

If you could please upload the output so I can examine the errors aswell for you.

Thank you,

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This can be caused by a lot of things. It' probably best to post errors that show up on DCdiag /v and DCdiag /test:DNS.
gaddam01Author Commented:

When I am running nltest /sc_query:domain name I am getting error like no logon servers are available. Our domain is still in production and it is live domain. I don't know from some domain controllers when I run nltest /sc_query:domain name this command I am getting No logon servers are available error message.

Please suggest me how to resolve this.
JamesSenior Cloud Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Active Directory relies on DNS  to provide a locator service - such as a Netlogon Server which is a Domain Controller. You need to make  that the SRV records are in place. SRV advertise such services like Netlogon Servers. Check in DNS to see that the SRV records are in place.
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