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We are using Widows server 2003 Domain controllers. We have to doamins say abc.com and xyz.abc.com. There is trust between these two domains. I have access on the root domain xyz.com. I don't have the access on the child domain. I would like to know the distinguished name of a user in the domain xyz.abc.com. From the domain abc.com how can I know the DN name of a user in the domain xyz.abc.com?
Can you please specify me any commands for doing this?

Thanks in advance.
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Mike KlineCommented:
You can use adsiedit and connect to that domain and then look up the DN.  My screenshots are from 2008 but same theory applies in 2003.

Another way I really like is by using adfind from Joe Richards  http://www.joeware.net/freetools/tools/adfind/index.htm

So there in the adfind command I searched the global catalog and used the shortcut switch and searched for test3 and just returned the DN


gaddam01Author Commented:
Pleased note that in the child domain I don't have access. So I can not connect to adsiedit tool in the domain. Please suggest me how to get the DN of a user in the domain which I don't have the access.
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