VirtualBox - Can it be used in Enterprise?

Hello, I have been looking at the leading virtulization technology providers and have received great advice from the experts on EE. I would also like to know if Sun VirtualBox is a product you would recommend to be used in a madium sized business.

We are looking to implement a basic virtualization solution that will see us through the next couple of years. Funds will be made available at a later date to take it to the next level. We are currently running 23 w2k8 servers and we are looking to virtualize around 10 of those.

Regards, Aelara

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Yes Virtualbox is fantastic and a great product - its ideal for testing and running an extra non-critical VM on your existing hardware.

If youa re going to be running exchange or critical w2k8 servers, especially up to 10 of those I would personally use the free VMWare ESXi  (embedded). or a paid version of VMWare.

That said, the latest version of Hyper-V is quite good also

So in short
Enterprise/Critical - VMWare ESXi or ESX  or HyperV
testing and running desktop isolation apps = virtualbox
AelaraAuthor Commented:
Many Thanks, VMWare ESXi seems to be the preffered option for those of us on a shoe string budget. If you don't mind me asking, Any particular reason why VirtualBox may not be the best option with busininess critical servers?

Regards, Aelara.
sorry to interrupt but i am surprised why you are opting out of Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008... i have just set up a web farm infrastructure on Hyper-V last month for a client and it worked flawlessly......
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