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Flex 4 vs coldfusion 9 pagination

How to create a pagination using flex 4, coldfusion 9, actionscript 3.0, sql server 2008

Art is to create a simple clear function.

Simple code actionscript, mxml <----------------------> Simple code coldfusion 9 CFC


On the Internet I found only complicated examples. Is it possible to create a simple code.

The question is only for experienced expert coldfusion 9, actionscript 3.0 and flex 4.

Unfortunately, I'm not yet at such a level in programming.
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1 Solution
If you want to use pagination without any extra codding I can recommend this solution :)


bandziohrAuthor Commented:
This is not the answer to my question. Please submit a question to another expert. The request must be sent to the database and return the appropriate amount of data (Every 10 or 20 rows).
So, you want something better, in this case you have yo use ActionScript and provide a design.

Do you like this implementation?


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