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Hi guys!

I used to rent a dedicated server with uk2.net, where I hosted couple of domains.
I've moved recently, to more simple hosting package. Also using uk2.net
I received an email saying:

You will need to change the nameservers for your domain before you can use
 our hosting services. The nameservers for this domain should be:

With dedicated server records looked like this:

 Host Name Address Record Type
 @ A(address)
 www A(address)
 mail ghs.google.com. CNAME(Alias)

I have got 2 questions:
1. What IP address should I use now and how do I determine it?
2. Do I have to change nameservers for every domain I want to host there?

 Many thanks for help!
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devinnoelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just ping the 2 new name servers your host has directed you to use to get the IP's.

C:\>ping ultra101.uk2.net
Pinging ultra101.uk2.net [] with 32 bytes of data:

C:\>ping ultra102.uk2.net
Pinging ultra102.uk2.net [] with 32 bytes of data:

If you are moving all your domains to a new system, you will have to change the DNS registration to reflect the new DNS servers hosting the records.
chakkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

For your Domain registration you have to set the DNS Nameservers for your Domain (normally you need 2 DNS servers)

Those 2 DNS servers contain the DNS records such as www, MX (Mail eXchanger), etc.

Basic idea is this.  when I type www.yourdomain.com it needs to get translated/resolved to the IP address.  The Domain Registrar records gets checked for the DNS Nameservers responsible for yourdomain.com, then those DNS servers (example ultra101.uk2.net) are contacted for the www record and should get back the IP address as an answer.

For your situation you probably need to update the DNS Nameservers for all domains you will host at the new server.  

There are situations where maybe you don't need to do this, but to keep it simpler I would recommend you move to the new DNS servers.  You need to create the various records on the new DNS server - such as www.

Since you are staying with uk2.net as your server provider, it could be the case that your DNS is already pointing to ultra101.uk2.net?
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