How do I make a css class applied to certain table element?

How do I set a css class style so that all hyperlinks in the table block is of certain color and hover action.

eg. red hyper link, hover to green

This will only be effective of this particular table class, to override the global setting for other elements on the same page.
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Jagadishwor DulalConnect With a Mentor Braces MediaCommented:
First you should define a class for such table. Like

/*write attributes*/
and now you can apply different style
.tablediff .classlink a {
 color:#900;//or your color
.tablediff .classlink a:hover{
 color:#090; //or your color for hover

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To implement it:
<table class="tablediff">
<tr><td class=classlink><a href="#">Test</a></td></tr>

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