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How to log username of the users who change cells in a Shared workbook

URGENT need VB Script.

MS Excel 2003 - I have a number of worksheets containing numerous rows within a Shared workbook.

I want to log the username and date in a cell of a row of who has changed specified cells within that worksheet. Need to work on all work sheet.  

Also would like to hide LOG columns from Users so only people with a password can Unhide them
 see attached worksheet
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in VBA, you can simply add this to any existing worksheet:

Private mbChanging As Boolean
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    Dim iRow As Integer
    Const LogColumn As Integer = 25

    If Target.Count = 1 Then
        If Not mbChanging Then
            mbChanging = True
            iRow = Target.Row
            Cells(iRow, LogColumn).Value = Environ("UserName")
            Cells(iRow, LogColumn).Font.Color = Cells(iRow, LogColumn).Interior.Color
            Cells(iRow, LogColumn + 1).Value = Now()
            Cells(iRow, LogColumn + 1).Font.Color = Cells(iRow, LogColumn + 1).Interior.Color
            mbChanging = False
        End If
    End If
End Sub

Open in new window

It will add the Log info to the 25th and 26 column of any changed cell.  (You may want to pick different columns if you have a wide sheet.
It will paint the text in white so the average person will not see it.

Is that close enough?
Possibly a better option is to enable Excel's built-in tracking feature.

In Excel 2007 that would be
Tab Review, group Changes, item Track Changes, sub item Highlight Changes.

The rest should be self-evident.
I aggree with rspahitz...why use VB when you can use the built in features...also there is a History of changes that you can printout etc.
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