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What is an AWR?

What is an AWR? How this can be used? What privileges are necessary to execute this?
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AWR is Automatic Workload Repository

The AWR is used to collect performance statistics including:

•Wait events used to identify performance problems.
•Time model statistics indicating the amount of DB time associated with a process from the V$SESS_TIME_MODEL and V$SYS_TIME_MODEL views.
•Active Session History (ASH) statistics from the V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY view.
•Some system and session statistics from the V$SYSSTAT and V$SESSTAT views.
•Object usage statistics.
•Resource intensive SQL statements.
The repository is a source of information for several other Oracle 10g features including:

•Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
•SQL Tuning Advisor
•Undo Advisor
•Segment Advisor

Administrator or Enterprise manager access is required for running AWR.
Hi sakthikumar,

When I see your recent questions, I feel you are new to oracle. I strongly suggest you to have a look to the oracle official concepts doc :


It is a very good introduction to oracle and it links to detailed documentation for all subjects...

- in general, AWR is a function in oracle database that collect and utilize performance statistics for problem detection and tuning purposes. you need to create and manage AWR snapshots, and using snapshots to generate periodic AWR reports and used it for performance tuning. you can either write a script (use any available scripts by googgling around) or using Oracle Enterprise Manager to view the reports.

- you need DBA role granted to use AWR.

- the link provided by Piloute and specific on AWR below are among other documentations available around to start with:
Oracle collects and keeps a lot of data in regard of the productivity, performance, waits of the Data base.

All of them are kept in the internal views.

They all are accessible using SELECT statements, but this is very hard task.

Also the data changes in different periods of time.

AWR is a periodically (by default hourly) report in readable and well collected data about the performance and load events of the database. In addition it gives us advices how to improve the performance.

It is collected automatically and there are easy methods to get these reports.

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