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As per design mail will flow to SMTP Gateway Server for our organisation, still we would like to setup/configure few users as POP3 users only, so they will be able to send & receive mails directly (with the help of POP3 & SMTP of hosted site only).
Will it be possible to differentiate users after pointing mx record to exchange directly...?????
As per Image mail will flow from Exchange Server to POP3 user as well, looking for configuration so POP3 users will be able to send & recieve mails directly from hosted site itself (This is third party going to retain for backup purpose)
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SaadAhmedFarooquiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is not possible in your current design.

If the hosted mail server was receiving the email and you were downloading the emails to exchange server then it was possible but not in this situation.

I had to deal with this kind of situation, I configured Gmail accounts for couple of our users, you can change the reply email address in the Gmail account, so I forwarded the emails to the Gmail account and configured the reply address to my company domain.

Don't know if your company policy will allow this or not, but in my opinion this is the only solution.
Please take a look at this.  Sounds like your exact situation
mseitAuthor Commented:
Thanks chakko, As per senario * mails will come to our exchange server. What we are looking for out of * users & should be able to send & receive mails directly from hostmysite only. Other words Exchange server should not receive any mails for those users.
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chakkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, with the MX records you cannot control where the email will go.

If you have MX records for the active and backup (2nd server) then mail can go to either place.  Most will go to the first MX record but mail can still go directly to the second mail system.  When a server sends email to your domain it will reference the MX records for the server for delivery.  If one server (the primary for example) reponds slowly or not fast enough then the sending system will try the next MX record and mail will be sent directly to that 2nd server.

If you only have 1 MX record for the primary mail server then mail should come into that server only.  Mail recipients on the second server should get relayed to that second system via your Exchange server.  
The incoming mail will go to the Exchange, Exchange will find that this is not a local recipient and then relay that mail to your second server.

But you cannot make it so that only mail for some users will go directly to that second system.

Also, you have to consider (and work to solve) the problem that user2 (on the 2nd mail server) tries to send mail to user3 (located on Exchange).  That 2nd mail server needs to be configured so that mail goes to the Exchange server.
If you plan to have the 2nd server act as a backup mail system (for all addresses) then your problem /solution is that the 2nd mail server will accept mail for any address.  You will need something like a POP downloaded to fetch mail from the 2nd mail server and feed it into your Exchange server - this would have to run all the time (or some schedule like every 10 minutes).


This is the basic design that I do for your similar situation.

mx records for both exchange server and the 2nd mail server

Configure the Exchange for the relay function (non local addresses get relayed to the 2nd server).

Make mailboxes on the 2nd server for all addresses (including those residing on Exchange) - this will allow it to work as a backup system when Exchange is down/not reachable.
If the 2nd server supports a 'Catchall' feature then you can create a 'group' mailbox for addresses normally located on Exchange.

On the exchange server use a POP download program such as PopCon to retrieve mail from the 2nd server and feed it into Exchange.

mseitAuthor Commented:
Thank you chakko & SaadAhmedFarooqu,
As per finding concluding that this type of setup can be only solved by adding subdomain so mail id's for these user's will be changed * & we will not create any account for these user's to our exchange server so mails are comming for * will remain on Hosted site... & Alias will manage to route mails to new ID's of these user's.
mseitAuthor Commented:
Question was discussed and explained why his scenario is not possible.  A possible alternate solution was then found after analysis of the problem.  Good information was provided.
I agree, but don't want to fight for the points. If he does not want to grant us any points let it be.

That's my opinion.
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