Ubuntu Desktop - File Manager not responding


I was running some scripts and my desktop folder vanished. When I try to restart, I get a window pop up:

"A program is still running - not responding"

Waiting for program to finish. Interrupting program may cause you to lose work. I restarted the computer but the folder is still missing and I can't seem to end this process all together.

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Kruno DžoićConnect With a Mentor System EngineerCommented:
There are a number of options you can deactivate to make using Nautilus a faster process. First, click Edit > Preferences, find the tab marked Preview, and click on it. If Show Text in Icons (the first option) is enabled it will preview some of the contents of text documents in their icons. Set this option to Never. Next, there's an option called Show Thumbnails. This option will preview image files as thumbnails. Set this option to Never to further improve the speed of Nautilus browsing. If enabled, the option Preview Sound Files will make it possible to preview sound files without actually opening them. Set this to Never as well. The last option, Count Number of Items, shows how many items are within the folders listed in the directory you're currently browsing. Set this to Never.

If you are still not satisfied with the speed of Nautilus, you could check out some other file managers, such as Rox Filer or Thunar.
stetorConnect With a Mentor Commented:

i think it's a problem with vfs and utf-8 ...
try to open a terminal and as root or with sudo, execute
# locale-gen
$ sudo locale-gen
if you are unable to open a terminal window, press CTRL-ALT-F1 for the first console
and log with your user/password.
After that execute the
$ sudo locale-gen
and return to your desktop with CTRL-ALT-F7
for checking if it's unlocked and the desktop icons reappeared.
If this work, you need to logout and change your profile (language and charset) on the gdm
panel before the next login.
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