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I have a share point calendar and i created events for many days in the calendar. and in the event display page i made one feedback form to enter user feedback on that particular event. this much working fine.

Now my problem is when i click  to any event for any days I am seeing all the feedback which are not related to this event. So my question how i can see only that particular event's feedback with out showing all others

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You can use a lookup column or a infopath form for more advanced forms.
Like a new feedback form with a repeating table of the events.

Else you have to change the process a little bit and instruct the user to work a little bit different...
You can also try to use a lookup column in the feedback list. Select the event title, that's the shown value, but the link is realised by itemID.
You can modify the content types of the list.

Make one content type for the events and another for the feedback... You can also consider to safe the feedback in a different list as the events.

Enabling content editing will be available in the advanced settings of the list settings.

Good luck!
mshajiAuthor Commented:

Great. but if i use save the feedback in a different list as you told then how i can store the id of the event. Means how to get Id of event list to store in the feedback list in order to understand for which event this feedback is.

mshajiAuthor Commented:
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