Jumbo Frames configuration for openfiler and vmware


I was configuring my openfiler as storage for vmware. I configured is with iSCSI on a volume.
And a second volume as a NFS for vmware.

But i should configure the Jumbo Frames? How can i do so? And what is it about?
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PenguinNConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From the drawing i see you want to run an openfiler in a production environment, VMware trainings like trainsignal and other cources mostly push openfiler for testing puposes. If you run want to run openfiler in production I would recomend to leave the jumbo frames concept and focus on other hardware and software options. If you still planning on using jumbo frames I would test with iometer to see what the performance diffrence really is, most likely it's a disapointing resuld for all the effort setting it up because you use 1gb interfaces. Jumbo frames are more justified on a 10gb backbone because you really have high trueput where the small MTU size can give you trouble. Please test the setup to see your performancegain.

King regards, P
You should only use Jumbo frames if your network adapter(s) and switch are supporting it. E.g. if they are supporting it and you configure it to 9000 file copy will be faster.
Please let me know if your adapter and switch are both supporting it. ESX(i) needs to be configured.
Jumbo frames relate to MTU size. All your network equipment should use the same size. If you don't use more than 1Gb interfaces just leave it at the default. It can give you more troubles than performance gain. If you use 10Gb Nics you should enable Jumbo Frames and enable it on all the equipment attached to the filer network.
Some Jumbo Frames basics can be found it the Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumbo_frame
For specific information refer to the hardware and software vendors you are using.
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Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
This might be an interesting article about Jumbo's: http://mike.thegrahams.ws/?p=45
jonas-pAuthor Commented:
Okay thanks for the information guys.
Here is some information about my situation.

So you can see how is everything is configured. Also i added a screenshot of vm-switch off esxi1.
As you can see i configured on the left side one vmkerenl for management traffic and another for vmotion. but the all use both nic's it is configured as a failover. I think the best way is to split them up.
Correct? One nic for managemenet traffic and onther for vmotion?

How should I do it?. All my network switches are gigabit. But i have a few clients still on 100Mb.
Don't know of this is usefull information for jumbo frames setting.

Enable-Jumbo-Frames-in-ESXi-4.docx Teaming-NICs-in-ESX.docx

Please read the files attached. If you have any questions please let me know
jonas-pAuthor Commented:
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