what are the key factors needs to be considered while doing GAP analysis in IT infrastructure

what are the key factors needs  to be considered  while doing GAP analysis in IT infrastructure
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GAP analysis compares expected or potential versus actual performance. In IT, this means that you would need to consider your current performance versus your potential performance. Of course, this in turn requires either a) setting an arbitrary goal for expected performance or b) assessing the maximum potential performance you or your department can deliver.

Factors include:

* Service: turnaround time, quality, etc.
* Expertise: skills possessed among your department's staff, skills needed, years of experience, certifications, etc.
* Perception: how your department is perceived by clients or company staff, etc.
* Budget: are you under/over budget, do you need any additional tools to perform better, etc.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gap_analysis

If it's just for the IT department, you'll be structuring it different than a company-wide GAP analysis.
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