ESXi System Resource Reservations

As my first step away from ESX toward the new and exciting world of ESXi I apparenlty missed somethign somewhere.

It was my undestanding that in ESXi there was no reason for Resource reservations.  Furethermore when I look a the default configuration I see 0MB reserved.

However, I have a 3 host cluster with with 50 VM's.  When I tried to remediate my servers with the 2 patches released on 4/28, I received the following error:

Migration to host <<unknown>> failed with error Out of memory (195887124).
vMotion migration [220855820:1304344934423656] generator failed to allocate publicData memory

Can someone please point me in the right direction here.  My initial reaction was that I needed to increase the ESX memory reservation, but I wanted to bounce the idea off of some experts....

And FYI, when I run all of my VM's on 2 hosts they both sit at 60% memory Usage.
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Danny McDanielClinical Systems AnalystCommented:
what version of ESXi and vCenter are you using?  Sounds like an Update Manager Server issue if the semi-manual methods work but the one fell-swoop patching of the cluster doesn't.

If you are on the latest release (4.1 Update 1) and the above is true, you should probably open a ticket with VMware as it's not a common issue.
Danny McDanielClinical Systems AnalystCommented:
can you confirm that manually kicking off a vmotion works?  Make sure that you can migrate to/from each host and try a couple different VM's.

Seldom is it necessary to change the host's memory reservation from their default settings.
brittonvAuthor Commented:
Yes, it works.  Additionally  I tried to remediate all 3 servers at once (Something that I don't usually do but this isn't in production yet.  The first server vmotioned all the VM's, installed the patches, exited Maintenace mode all perfectly.

Then when the second server vmotioned the VM's it died after successfully vmotioning about 60% of the VM's.  I manually put it in MM and it did so fine.

Sometimes esx can get itself in a twist with update manager, it might be best to run each host through a maintenance cycle and reboot it, then try again. Or, if you have service console access, restarting the vmware management service on each host.

This doesn't sound like anything to do with resource reservations from the information you have provided.
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