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I have an old client who I don't do much work for anymore who needs help resetting the root password on a Linux server. Is there any type of service I could put them in touch with that would be able to help him remotely or via phone? I don't know enough about Linux to make the 3 hour drive for something I cannot fix anyway.
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BTW, We have sudo previledges in ubuntu instead of directly accessing the system with root.

When we install ubuntu it dont give us any option for root user, it ask us to create a user and that user have the SUDO previledges.

that is the reason when we issue any admin commad in ubuntu then we put sudo as prefix, so if he wants to reset the root password then he can either execute the below given command for the same.

# sudo passwd root


he can direrctly become root by executing below given command.

# sudo su -


he can execute all admin commands by putting sudo in front of the command like.

# sudo <command>
Hi, you can do via Phone also

Case 1: If you know current root password then use :

# Login via root
# passwd root
Enter new password and must be complicated.

Secondly if you do not know current password then :
Axis52401Security AnalystAuthor Commented:
He doesn't know the current root password and I found that link and sent to him and he said he tried it.
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