Comparing Directories and Sub-Directories

Posted on 2011-05-02
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Last Modified: 2012-06-27

Can anyone help me with a code snippet to compare directories and sub-directories between source  and destination and if something is missing in destination print that Directory and sub directory to a log file.

log file:

Directory |  Sub directory.

The comparison should happen only to a depth level of 2 because there are some other folders under the sub directory which are unnecessary.
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Expert Comment

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This should do it...

use strict;
use warnings;

my $src_dir = '/path/to/source';
my $dest_dir = '/path/to/dest';
my $log = '/path/log_file.txt';

my (%src, %dest);
do_dir($src_dir, \%src);
do_dir($dest_dir, \%dest);

open LOG, '>', $log or die "could not write $log: $!";

foreach my $dir (keys %src) {
    if (not exists $dest{$dir}) {
        print LOG "$dir |\n";
    foreach my $sub (keys %{$src{$dir}}) {
        print LOG "$dir | $sub\n" unless exists($dest{$dir}{$sub});

sub do_dir {
    my ($root, $hash) = @_;
    opendir DIR, $root or die "could not open $root: $!";
    foreach my $dir (grep { -d $_ } readdir DIR) {
        do_sub($root, $dir, $hash);
    closedir DIR;

sub do_sub {
    my ($root, $dir, $hash) = @_;
    opendir SUB, "$root/$dir" or die "could not open $root/$dir: $!";
    foreach my $sub (grep { -d $_ } readdir DIR) {
    closedir SUB;

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Author Comment

ID: 35505227
 Tried the above code but it is not printing any data to the log file.
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Expert Comment

ID: 35505424
So what structure is in "source" but not in "dest" that should be printing?

Author Comment

ID: 35505832

The structure I am trying to compare is

Source; /usr/files/ BATCH1/254234Q

Destination:  /usr/logs/BATCH1/254234Q

So from the above example in the destination " /usr/files/BATCH1/254678Q' is missing so it should that print that to log file

BATCH1 | 254678Q

These sub directories (254678Q) contains many sub folders again but no need to compare on them .
Overall comparison should be only on  two levels.


Accepted Solution

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ID: 35507502
Solution without script using rsync dry run

rsync -nva src dst | tail --lines=+2 | head --lines=-3 | grep -v '/.*/.*/'  >> logfile.txt

tail and head needed to strip rsync stats (depends on rsync version, maybe not needed)
grep is stripping everything from result that has 3 or more slashes).

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