how to debug xslt code

Need help in debugging XSLT
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Geert BormansInformation ArchitectCommented:
are in my opion the two top notch IDE for XSLT

this one is a free wrapper around saxon

there are some free products, that work as well (but not that good)

I love Stylus Studio's debugging. Highly recommended.
Also, the Free XML Editor (Editix) Gertone listed above does NOT have XSLT debugging capabilities in the free version. Only the Pro version has it. And it is not nearly as robust as Stylus Studio or Oxygen.
Geert BormansInformation ArchitectCommented:
Hi, I don't mind that you give kmartin7 the points,
but the suggestion that you accepted as the "accepted solution"
was included in my answer
note that I suggested "" which is Stylus Studio,
more than a week before kmartin7  did

If you considere Stylus Studio the correct answer (and apparently you do),
you should have at least made my answer an "assisted"
since it was the first correct one
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