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How To Resolve EMC CX300 SAN Disk Failure on Disk 0

Bus 0 Enclosure 0 Disk 0 is failed on my EMC CX300.  On the discs within the enclosure, there is a warning message that says:

"Caution:  Array Software on drives 0-4.  Removing or relocation them Will Make the Array Unusable"

How do I replace a failed drive if it is in the 0-4 slots of the enclosure?
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2 Solutions
Get a replacement drive and put the replacement drive 0_0_0 (the first slot on the left)  
Make sure you use an EMC drive!  A store-bought drive will not work.

The sticker is there as a warning, just pull the sticker back a little so you can replace the failed drive.  The rebuild will happen when you replace the drive.
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Spot on. You can replace any of the first five drives without any issues. The first five drives are also called FLARE or Vault drives. Drives 0 and 2 have the OS for SPA and a recovery image for SPB, drives 1 and 3 have the OS for SPB and a recovery image for SPA. Drive 4 has a recovery image and dump areas. There is a triple mirrored LUN across drive 0, 1 and 2 that contains the array configuration information (called the PSM LUN - Persistent Storage Management) and there is a RAID 3 structure across drives 0 - 4 called the Vault that is a dump area for write cache. All these structures are hidden - you can't see them or do anything with them from Navisphere, but it's nice to know that they're there.

The sticker is there to warn you that if you muck about with the drives, you'll break the array. The reason the sticker is there is that people have mucked about with the drives and killed the array...  :-D

EMC carry drives with the OS on them as a spare part so the array OS drives can be rebuilt, so all is not lost if you do something silly
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Thanks! Glad I could help.

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