Creating a permanet table

I ahve created a temporarry table test i want to create a same table but with different name in
database how can i do it as mt database is sas database .
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d507201Database Marketing ConsultantCommented:
You have an ABORT statatement in your code.  Something is happening to trigger it.  You'll have to track down the person who wrote the code and ask them why the statement is needed.  It must be serious... ABORT is used to intentionally kill processing.
d507201Database Marketing ConsultantCommented:
You must first assign a SAS library to the directory path where you want the dataset stored.

libname myData '/path_to_a_directory_where_you_have_write_permission';

Then you can use a DATA step to write a copy of the data to the permanent library.

data myData.newName;
     set oldName;
     ** SAS statements to manipulate the data if they are needed. ;
sam2929Author Commented:
a quick question getting this error on table validation any idea

ERROR: Execution terminated by an ABORT statement at line 3195 column 26, it specified the RETURN op
percent=. _ERROR_=1 _N_=1
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