cisco dhcp relay agent

I need to verify if my dhcp servers are setup in the cisco switches as relay agents.

1.Which commands do I use to verify if the cisco switches areusing dhcp relay agent.

2. If they are, what commands do I use to add 2 new dhcp servers and delete the old ones?

switches are 4500 and 3500 series.

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SouljaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You would look for the command ip helper. This would be applied to your vlan interfaces. If you want to add new dhcp server just put in

ip helper dhcpserveripaddress

under the vlan interface you want dhcp requests relayed.

To remove ip helpers just type

no ip helper dhcpserveripaddress

under the vlan interface in question
tolinromeAuthor Commented:
ok, how would I get to the vlan interface to verify if it is even using dhcp relay agent. thanks.
sh run interface vlan x

This will show you the vlan interface's running configuration.
tolinromeAuthor Commented:
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