Is c:\Program Files\ThinkVantage used & can I remove it

There's almost 200MB in there : I thought of removing it to
free up my C: drive space which is running low

How do I verify if it's in use?

What's the proper way to remove it?  Can't find any uninstall program
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
The ThinkVantage folder contains Lenovo's system images following installs etc to allow you to reinstall the system completely in the event of a problem - look on it as Windows Restore Points but with a better safety record :)

It's part of the system called Rescue & Recovery (RNR)

Switch off if you don't want that cover.  You can however delete old backups which are just taking up space if you know you don't need to restore to a point that far back.

To change settings or uninstall go to:

Start> Thinkvantage Productivity Center > Thinkvantage Technologies > Rescue and Recovery

In the R&R tools Select Advanced > Delete Backups

All the backups made by ThinkVantage will be listed and you can delete as many or few as you want.  This should clear up plenty of space but allow you to keep R&R running so you have immediate disaster recovery.

If you want to disable it go to Manage Settings and deselect Schedule Your Backups under Set Schedule and Preferences.
ThinkVantage is to do with Lenovo Computers. If you do remove it, you may lose some functions on your laptop (some Lenovo machines have a large, orange/blue button for help). The chances are it is used on startup (Start > Run > msconfig > Startup -- one of the entries will have it as the target).

I would suggest removing temporary files before this.
  1. Clear your internet cache
  2. Clear any unused, unwanted or unnecessary programs or program installation files.

Programs such as CCleaner may help you. Do not use the advanced settings unless you are 100% certain you know what to expect.

Otherwise you can use disk cleanup (Start > Programs > Accessories > System > Disk Cleanup OR Start > Run > cleanmgr). Do not use compression on your boot drive, and generally don't use compression to free space when it is really needed because it will come back to bite you.
Brian GeeCommented:
ThinkVantage offers hard drive protection to your system in cases drops or hard shocks to the system by stopping the hard drive in process so as to protect the read/write arm of the drive itself.

If you wish to remove it, you can do so from Add/Remove Programs and look for ThinkVantage.
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Brian GeeCommented:
^ From Control Panel.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

is there anything I can do to uninstall a portion of ThinkVantage (to free up
some disk space) & yet retain the portion that would protect my Thinkpad's
HDD against shocks?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Just delete the old backups (as above)
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
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