how to configure font in a modern printer from an dos program

We have been using an older HP laser jet 4 plus printer.  On it, we could set fonts. We also use an older dos program. It only printes to the LPT1 and we captured the port and tried to print on a nice new network printer. The fonts are out of whack. Can we manually change the internal fonts in new windows printerswhich is a brother MFC 8680Dn . I just have no idea how dos programs print through captured ports.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
This page says it supports PCL which is the same as the LJ4:   You will probably need to connect directly thru the parallel port for that to work.  In all the questions about being able to set fonts thru LPT1: forwarded over the network, none have worked.  The problem is that the LPT1: emulation passes text to the Windows printer driver which doesn't understand escape codes as input.
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