What will happen if I change Exchange self-signed certificate?

What will happen if I change Exchange self-signed certificate to new and user outside organization does not have imported it yet?
He uses Exchange 2003. Will be still able to connect?
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If the user outside has Outlook configured for RPC/HTTPS access then they will not be able to connect with outlook.  They can access OWA and then from there they can install the certificate into their PC.

He will still be able to connect but he will see a warning stating that there is a problem with the web site's certificate.  When he clicks on "Continue to this website (not recommended)" he will be taken to the site.
pospichalalesAuthor Commented:
I tried it with Outlook 2010 and I am unable to connect to Exchange server. There is error.
If it is same with Outlook 2003, I will contact user before changing.
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