looking for a system solution

hi there!

What i have:
1) 4 pcs of 2TB SATA HDDs containing movies (.avi .mkv .mpeg and dvd folders) and songs in mp3, wma and flac formats.
2) 1 gb/s home network (copper)
3) 1080p LCD TV with both HDMI and VGA inputs
4) 7.1 speakers

what i need:
a device that will sit beside my TV. it will connect to the tv with either VGA, or more preferably HDMI.
that same device will output 7.1 audio in either SPDIF (preferred) or discrete RCA format.
it will connect to the home network to access the hard drives to fetch the media.
a database of the media within the device, or in the network storage, more or less like the WMP media library, except that some media can be password protected - dont want my kids, or even my parents to have a look see into my contrabands!
the whole thing should controllable from a remote

can you recommend something??
links would appreciated.

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Davis McCarnConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
KPAYNE123Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Take a look at this: http://www.goharddrive.com/Avolusion-MGU-B-1TB-HDMI-1080i-HD-Media-Player-p/g03-0643.htm has most of what your looking for at $145. You could build your own but would spend more than this and the security will have to be setup in Windows on anything you install. Good Luck
hatheharikenAuthor Commented:

that device is just wonderful!
but it does not meet the criteria.

1) network connectivity
2) dont need internal storage.

my budget is upto 200USD, but i can go upto 250USD in a pinch.
i am not averse to a scratch build, if you point me in the right direction.
i know that explaining the whole thing in minute details is beyond the scope of this discussion, so i will gladly take whatever help you can give me.
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hatheharikenAuthor Commented:
m2ts support is also a requirement.

I currently use a Samsung blu-ray player with wireless connectivity ($120 or so). I also run the Samsung PC Share Manager on my PCs. Using the Samsung player, I can connect to the PC of my choice, view and play video, audio, and photos on my TV via HDMI. In the PC Share Manager, you can designate folders, and turn on and off the access to those folder (but not by remote, only by sitting at the physical PC or remote desktop if you have a PC near the TV - I use a netbook or my Android phone to do this).

Take a look, I think this will accomplish your goals, and you can use wired rather than wireless connectivity if that's a better fit for you.

MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I dont know if 7.1 stereo is available for the video formats you have mentioned.
containing movies (.avi .mkv .mpeg and dvd folders)<< are these authored to ac3 hd dolby 7.1?
To achieve anywhere near this the AMP will need to be wired to this supporting media box separately..
 there is a Media USB Hard Drive
Video: MPEG–1, MPEG–2 (VOB/ISO), MPEG–4 (Xvid), DivX Plus™ HD, Xvid HD, AVI, MOV, MKV, RMVB Real Media, FLV, AVC HD, H.264, WMV9, VC–1, M2TS, TS/TP/M2T
Video Resolutions: NTSC 480i/480p, PAL 576i/576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Subtitles: SAMI (smi), SRT, SUB
Audio: AAC, MP3, Dolby® Digital, DTS, ASF, FLAC, WMA, LPCM, ADPCM, WAV, OGG
Playlist: M3U, PLS
Photo: JPEG files (up to 20 megapixels), BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF
FreeAgent Theater+™ HD Media Player

How about a media box Boxee
To add, all you need is a supporting TV with USB 2 interface
hatheharikenAuthor Commented:
i was away for a day.

thanx for the replies.
i'll look up all the links and get back in a very short time.

thanx again!
hatheharikenAuthor Commented:
Boxee - no 7.1
free agent theater - the second best option, can you confirm, whether its 7.1 capable?

egreat S800 - WOW! that was just what i was looking for!
goodness the spec list just goes on and on!
if i can find any online store that ships to India, the S800 Ultra is my choice.

just want one more clarification about the egreat s800.
what about the password protection?

hatheharikenAuthor Commented:
the S800 is not available.

the S7A is the new one.

please tell me your views
hatheharikenAuthor Commented:
well i found out that the company has its operations in India too, and even an Indian site!

asking for 16000 INR - just a bit above my budget, but okay.

it has 5.1 analog out, and i dont know whether the SPDIF is 5.1 or 7.1
have sent them a mail about the audio and password issues, lets see what they say...
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Weird; all of the S800 reviews are from April 2011 and I gave you a link to buy it.  The password issue might be a problem as authentication between different O/S' is always dicey; but, you could add a 2TB HDD to the unit and copy your private files to that from the PC.  Afterwards, I'd bet the unit supports parental controls which would let you password protect the movies in the unit.
hatheharikenAuthor Commented:
the singingegg site lists and sells the S800. true.
the egreatworld site (site of the manufacturer) lists the S800, but its not there in the shopping area.
the egreatworld india site does not even list the S800

singing egg wants 240.85+27.99 = 268.84USD = 12013.11 INR for the S800
egreat india wants 16000+500 = 16500 INR for the S7A

i can buy any of them. S800 is cheaper by around 4000 INR = 90 USD

can you please tell me which one would be better, from a feature, accecibility, future-proof POV?
aburrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try the following link
Integrate a PC into your home theater - Insider Secrets - CNET Reviews
Mixing a PC into your home theater is starting to sound good, right? ... If you have room in your home-theater setup to accommodate a standard midtower ...
reviews.cnet.com/4520-11237_7-6364472-1.html -

frankly I do not think you will get all you want for what you want to spend.
hatheharikenAuthor Commented:
aburr, thank you for your comment.

i had a look at the link you posted, but i find that having a PC, with separate HDMI gfx, a 7.1 sound card, as well as a tuner card would probably cost a lot more, and be quite bulky - no remote would also be a minus point.

the above mentioned Egreat systems would be great for me, i think.
i dont need to record movies, since i mostly buy the discs, or do something that i shouldnt say on this forum.

i am just waiting for DavisMcCarn's closing reply, after that i will close the question.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
The S800 and the S7A seem to be about the same; but, the S800 would be the one I bought.
hatheharikenAuthor Commented:
and thats the way the cookie crumbles.
S800 it is.

thanks again for all the help!
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
You're welcome!
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