Exchange 2010 and Outlook Send/Receive crawl after Rention Policy

We recently implemented an e-mail rention policy. We instructed the server to delete all e-mails prior to 2007, however the send recieive the next morning is painfully slow. We have aprox 300 mailboxes. It is almost like the client is resynching the entire cached mailbox.  This latency occurs on newer mailboxes as well that would have had nothing to be purged. Server utilization is fine, network is not saturated, what am I missing?
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It is entirely possible that it is resynchronizing everything. If the problem persists for more than a day, then you might have some other issues in play but if you have fairly large mailboxes then changing the retention policies could cause slowdowns for a bit.

The system doesn't have any heuristics to know which mailboxes need to be checked so it won't skip the newer ones or anything. I would expect all the mailboxes to be treated the same from the server.
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