Exchange 2007 distribution group automatic replies

I have a distrubtion group that I want to setup with a automatic reply that confirms to the sender their message has been recieved along with some additional text. I understand that Exchange 2007 does not support that functionality but there are a few work arounds:

1. Setup a public folder and use the folder assistant settings to auto reply
2. Setup a fake account and make it a member of the distrubtion list and configure an automatic reply
3. Setup a transport rule that generates a bounc message

#3 is the easiest but won't work because the automatic reply I need to send needs to be longer than what the transport rule will allow.

Are there any other options besides 1 or 2? Those do not seem like a very efficient way to get a simple automatic reply for distribution group e-mail address. I would prefer not to have a copy of the messages sitting out in a public folder or dummy e-mail account.
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Tyler LaczkoCommented:
I would create the dummy user with the auto reply.
If you dont want the emails to build up also create a rule to delete items automatically.
Create a dummy account and a distribution group.  Create rules on the dummy account so it will receive the message, send the reply and then forward the message to the distribution group.
here's a detailled step by step to do that , i ve tried it once it worked fine
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