What would it involve to change our IP address for our Exchange System

What are the procedure / steps to changing our current IP address to our outgoing email to a different IP?

I have 4 IP Addresses currently assigned to our company and we're only using 3 of them. How would I change the one that is currently assigned for our mail out for the other one not being used?
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Request PTR from ISP 24-48 hours proior (otherwise many will bounce your outgoing email)
Test PTR record - ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -a from command prompt, it should resovle to the correct name. Wait until this resolves properly.
Setup new ip address as another mx record. Wait same time as your ttl if possible.
Check ttl on A records, and set to a comfortably low number like 1 hour.
Change ip address in necessary places in router.
Test exchange server responding at new ip address.
Setup A records to go to new address.
Remove old mx record in 24-48 after move.
1. are you asking how to send mail from your exchange box out from a diffrent ip address?

2. is that the only thing you are trying to complete

please give more details on what you want to ultimately do.
Tyler LaczkoCommented:
You need to update your MX Record and change the Static IP on the machine.

If you have any firewall rules you may need to make changes.

Reboot and your done.
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Rmumpower00Author Commented:
@ Bigg - I am asking how to change out the IP Address we are currently using to a different IP.

@PCS - Thank you, this is what I am looking for. So if I change the MX Record and change the Static IP on the machine and all Firewall rules that are related to the old IP my Exchange System will email out on a different IP?  What about my ISP do I need to contact them or anything?  Could you take a moment and list every step you would take if you were to do it yourself?

Thank you so much!
You need to contact your isp and ask them to change/add a reverse DNS or PTR record for the new ip mapping to the A record name of your excange. i.i

Please create a ptr record of:
webmail.domain.co for ip address of xx.xxx.xxx.xxx

This needs to be done usually 24-48 before the change.
you must change your mx records done at the dns provider ie (godaddy) to point to your new ip address

allow about an hour or so for your dns to update

 while you are waiting change the ip address  of  your server or on your firewall make sure that all of your firewall forwarding rules are pointed at the new server ip

you can check the propagation of your records when you change them at:

Rmumpower00Author Commented:
Thanks a bunch guys
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