Am I safe off of my domain when I am on the road if my firewall is off by policy and I can't turn it back on?

When I take my laptop out of the office I am using the internet wherever I go. I cannot turn my firewall on due to our company's group policy. What are my security risks and what can I do? Can't our group policy be changed to allow access to the VNC? That is the main reason it has been turned off on us.

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serchlopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The better is to enable windows firewall in portables computers, in special if you use it in publics sites. You can define firewall exceptions to allow some ports or services to your computer. If you use windows 7, you can define that when you are in your domain/home network, the firewall is disabled and when you are in public networks, the firewall is enabled. But this has to be set in the GPO for your domain.

Ask your domain admin about it and tell him about your concern.
serchlopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can allow VNC with a exception in a GPO, here is a sample with RDP, but it could be done with VNC

Here is a sample to allow VNC locally for ever (almost)


And another way to ask for support is to make sure it's enabled on the workstation.
Set it up in Group Policy and add Administrators (the group) manually to the Helpers group it asks for.

Copy this into a shortcut on your desktop.


Open this shortcut while using an account that has Admin rights locally on the user's workstation.  Bang in the computer name and press connect.

It's fairly simply.
serchlopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here a doc to create exceptions with command line netsh in XP

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