Folder security

I have a client that wants to password protect a folder on his server with sensitive data. He needs his users to be able to access it but he wants it to prompt for a password to access it. He cant use the standard user permissions on the server because if the user walks away then anyone can get to the data because they have authenticated with the server to log in. Is there any software for this or any other way to make this happen?
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Juan OcasioApplication DeveloperCommented:
PGP would be a good choice, however once someone gains access to the folder, if that person walks away, the folder will still be exposed...
users are not domain members ? if they are in a domain , simply add permission to the folder with granted user full access , and non granted users with no right to access the foder .

in the other cas ,there's a softwar named Folder Password Expert free and can set/crypt folders
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