Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controller

I have a Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controller and I want to authenticate against my Active Directory environment.  There is a LDAP section described here: where you can see it asks for LDAP server properties.  

The parameters I'm not sure on are:
User Attribute and User Object Type.  I have sAMAccountName for User Attribute and user for User Object Type.  What should these be when authing against Active Directory?

Also, when configuring the Wireless Security settings I see options for 802.1x, WPA+WPA2(802.1x) and WEP 802.1x.

Currently when I attempt to connect to my testing wireless it prompts me for username and password, but continues to prompt me for network authentication repeatedly.  I'm using Windows 7 as my client OS.    
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LrdKanienAuthor Commented:
I found out I cannot use Active Directory as the LDAP target because AD won't send passwords in clear text and that is required by Cisco.  Instead, I'll have to implement RADIUS.
sAMAccountName  is the login you use to open a session  . and user object  type is the type of the user it could be a person , a computer or a printer ( yep devices have also to authenticate when 802.1X is in place ) .
LrdKanienAuthor Commented:
Please read my solution.
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