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Can someone please tell me the major change between Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010? For example, what is the CAS server and now RPC encryption at the server level? I have a customer who has periodic connection problems with software relying on MAPI and I suspect it has to do with the CAS or RPC at the server. If i wanted to, even for a short time, how could I make Exchange 2010 act like 2007 until my MAPI tool is finished?

I know, big question. Your help will be appreciated.

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In Exchange 2010, with respect to MAPI, by default it is encrypted traffic and is being forced by the server.

You can check the status by running the cmdlet:
Get-RpcClientAccess | FL Server,Encryption*

You can disable it by running the following cmdlet:
Set-RpcClientAccess –server servername –EncryptionRequired $false

Additionally, the MAPI End point mapper (EPM) for MAPI clients is now on the CAS server instead of the MBX servers. So any MAPI connection you make will be handled by the CAS server. On the CAS server, this is handled by MS Exchange RPC Client Access Service.

Let us know if you have any further questions.
jhiebAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I need to digest this. If I disable encrypted traffic do I need to change anything at the workstatiaon level e.g. the Outlook client? What is the command to enable it back to the way it was? Change $false to true?
The below cmdlet will enable it back...
Set-RpcClientAccess –server servername –EncryptionRequired $true

On the client, you dont need to change anything. By default, OL2k7 and OL2k10 encrypt the MAPI traffic. So even if disable this requirement on the server, they should remain unaffected.

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