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We've created several Views in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for our ArcGIS 10 users and it looks like they're only retrieving the first 500 rows of data.  So far the only thing they have figured out is that it works if the view is dumped to a full table, but that introduces additional overhead I'd rather avoid trying to keep things synchronized.

Is anyone aware of any workarounds to retrieve the full dataset from a View?  
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dslntadminAuthor Commented:
I'm now told by our GIS folks that this bug with ArcGIS has been posted about before on the ESRI forums, though I never found anything.  I've found a sort of workaround.  It seems the issue is only with layers that utilize views.  I created a new query layer utilizing the existing views (which returns the full dataset),  then changed their layer's data source to point to my query layer.  Not the cleanest workaround, but it seems to work.  
Aaron ShiloChief Database ArchitectCommented:
ArcGIS  10, you can edit it in ArcCatalog
dslntadminAuthor Commented:
If I find a better workaround or a true solution, I'll post it
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