Delays in receiving emails from ActiveSync via Android and iPhone

We have Windows Server 2003 R2, SBS and Exchange 2003 with ActiveSync and OWA installed and running.

I can configure Android and iPhone devices to recieve emails OK, but am suffering delays in receiving them on the handsets - like hours, even if I refresh on the handset (no delay in receving to Outlook or OWA).

Now here is where I am confused... If the user logs on to OWA via their desktop browser, it seems to flush any emails that have been delayed. As in, they appear on the handsets within a couple of seconds of logging into OWA in the browser. Weird.

Is logging into OWA causing something to flush?

Help please!
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PeerbolteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems the sync-part is working, because your phone syncs directly after checking your mail.
If I were you, I would check the sync of your accounts in Exchange.
Do you host your own e-mail using Exchange or is it configured to get e-mail from another mail server?
How is your topology? Exchange back end en front end server? If your front end server does not sync automatically, logging in to OWA will trigger the sync.
do you have the correct ports open on your router is push configured
mikealsweilerAuthor Commented:
yes, Direct Push is enabled. i assume all the ports are opened OK as I do recieve emails, just late.

literally, each time I log into OWA in the browser of my desktop the backed up emails come flooding through to my handset. Logging in via OWA over desktop browser must be triggering something?

everything else seems fine. I can send emails no problem, my calendar syncs and I have access to the server based contact list...
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