Laser Printer Noise - Brother HL-1430

Hi Experts,

I have a Brother HL-1430 laser printer which is probably at least 5 years old.  It's been running well, but recently it started making a sort of clicking noise during power up and during printing.  The printer seems to still operate as usual, except for the noise.

Attached are audio recordings of the power up and printing.  I've had to change the extensions from .mp3 to .txt so this site would accept them, so please change them back to .mp3 to play them.

1. What is the likely cause of the noise?
2. What could I do to fix it (I have some basic experience with fixing things)?
3. Is the printer likely to keep functioning OK if I don't deal with the cause of the noise?

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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the sound can be a missing tooth on the gears, or something blocked on the gear
remove the cartridge and drum, and check both on the cartridge, and drum gears
BrianKeysConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Replacing the drum unit has fixed this for me in the past but honestly, some of the Brother printers such as the HL-2170W are great machines and can be found online for less than $100 with free shipping. We use one of these in our office for junk printing on the backside of old printouts. Some of the paper that goes through is anything but pristine and it's eaten it's fair share of staples.

Still going great after two years.
tel2Author Commented:
Hi nobus,
Thanks for the advice!  I've separated the cartridge from the drum, and can reproduce the sound by rotating the gears on the cartridge.  It's a remanufactured cartridge (maybe that's the problem), probably half used, and one of the gears slips against another (at least some of the time).  I can't see any missing teeth, but the rubber roller that gets covered in toner seems to be quite hard to turn, and I'm guessing that might be putting undue weight on the gears.  Any thoughts on resolving this?
If I can't fix it, I might replace the toner cartridge.  I know of a cheap 2nd hand empty one I could buy, but can I just transfer the toner from one cartridge to the other, via the plug hole on the side, or what?  Alternatively, I might buy a full one, but it would still be nice to transfer the unused toner once the new one runs out, if you can advice me re the process.
Thanks again.

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the advice.  Isn't it amazing how drum units can cost about as much as the printer (which includes a drum unit)?  I'll fix my printer if I can.  I'm not keen on going to something like an HL-2170W.  It looks as if the full (remanufactured) cartridges cost almost as much as for my HL-1430, but last for less than half as long (2,600 pages vs. 6,000).  I'm amazed that your HL-2170W prints well after it's had staples go through it.  I thought they would dent the drum badly.
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>>  and can reproduce the sound by rotating the gears on the cartridge.  <<  you 've found the culprit then!
best return it (warranty?)

or use a refill kit.

>>  but can I just transfer the toner from one cartridge to the other, via the plug hole on the side,   <<  i have no idea; maybe you can open the cartridge at one side to access it?
tel2Author Commented:
OK, thanks nobus.

The cartridge is probably a couple of years old, so I don't think I'd get it fixed under warrantee.

> or use a refill kit.
As an alternative to returning it?  What is a refill kit?  Does that include new gears, or is it just toner?
there are many on the net - google "toner refill kit"
here an example :
tel2Author Commented:
Thanks nobus,

Yes, I could imagine google would be useful, but based on the positioning of your suggestion in your post #35705155, I thought you might be indicating that there was a refill kit which could sort out the noise.  I guess not.

Thanks to both of you for your advice.
bad gears must be replaced  - there's nothing else imo
tel2Author Commented:
True, but I'm not sure they're bad - couldn't see any missing teeth yet.  If the cause is a stiff roller (it feels pretty hard to turn), then maybe unstiffening it would take weight off the gears, and solve the problem, but I don't know how to unstiffen it, so I might just replace the toner cartridge.

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