How do I import a CSV file into a specific Contact Group in Outlook 2010?

I am running Outlook 2010. I have created a contact group inside my main contacts folder. I want to import a csv file directly into that specific contact group. I go through the import process (File>Open>Import...) and when it asks me what the destination folder is, I can only choose the contacts folder, not a specific contact group within the contacts folder. Is there any way to import a csv file directly into the contact group? I don't want to import my list into the contacts folder and have to sort through them into the contact group afterwards. That would be quite time-consuming. Thank you!

The part I get stuck at...
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Brian GeeCommented:
I'm not sure that importing a CSV file into a Distribution List (contact group) can be done without some VBA involved. But there is a real easy way to do what you're trying to accomplish.

We will need to create a new Contact folder in Outlook, and we'll make it a subfolder of the Contacts folder itself. This new subfolder can be deleted after we're done with the objective of populating the Distribution List.

First, make sure the Folder List view is selected in Outlook and that you are clicked on to the Contacts folder (so you can see your contacts in the right-side window). Next go to File > New > Folder. Name the folder (in the Name field) Test and you will see the Folder contains dropdown box below says Contact Items. Click OK after you're done.

Now on the Folder List, you will see your Contacts folder with another contact folder beneath it called Test.

Next, you will import the CSV file to the Test contact folder. When going through the import process, just be sure to select the folder at the Select Destination Folder screen. After the import is complete, you will see the contacts from the CSV file have populated the Test folder and these contacts are isolated from your main Contacts folder.

Finally, you will go back to your main Contacts folder and you will open the Distribution List that needs to be populated. With the Distribution List open, click the Select Members button, then go to the Show Names from the dropdown list and select the Test contact list listed here. Below, the contacts that were in the CSV file are listed, and you can select the first contact in the list and then click the SHIFT + End keys on your keyboard to select them all at once. After they are all selected, click the Members button below to add them to the Distribution List, and then press the OK button once you have finished.

You should see that all of your contacts from the Test contact folder have now populated the Distribution List like you needed. You can delete the Test contact folder whenever you want afterward.
Philip_StancilAuthor Commented:
The solution worked perfectly. Only issue is that the step-by-step seemed to be for use in Outlook 2007, not 2010. I was unable to follow the specific steps and had to use Google to figure out the 2010 steps.
Brian GeeCommented:
Sorry about that... I should've read more carefully to get you the Outlook 2010 instructions. Thank you for accepting my resolution in light of my oversight.
Philip_StancilAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the help! I had a client who was looking to me to provide a solution and I couldn't find anything on the web offering the solution like you did. You saved me tons of time and gave me a happy client!
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