Limit bandwidth usage with Windows server 2008 R2 (part of Small Business Server 2011)

I currently have my Small Business Server 2011 machine running in a data center that has bandwidth rate limits and charges if I go over them. I was recently hit with an overage charge and  I'd like to make sure that only 1.5 mbps of bandwidth is in use at any given time. Resources currently in use on the server are:
1. Exchange 2010
2. SharePoint
3. Remote Desktop

please let me know how I can configure the server with bandwidth controls.
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Chev_PCNConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Server 2008 does not natively support this kind of throttling.  You're probably going to have to do one of two things: Either purchase a 3rd party application ( might work) or interpose a device between your server and the datacentre switch that will do the job. This is probably going to be an expensive option. Have you asked your datacentre team if they can provide a solution?
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