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We have a user (User A) where if you sent him a meeting request, it would also send to another staff member (User B). The meeting request would arrive directly in User B's inbox.

I have removed User B from Calendar Sharing in Outlook 2007. I don't see any reference to User B on User A's Mailbox in Exchange 2010.

Does Exchange need propergation time for this new setting to take affect on User B's mailbox?
Can you suggest somewhere in Exchange or Outlook where I should check to see if there is still reference to User B? I have already checked the forwarding rules and Full access permissions on User A's Mailbox on Exchange.
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Brian GeeCommented:
From User A's Outlook client, go to Tools > Options > Delegates tab. Make sure User B's name is not listed here. If it is, remove it.
Check if B is a delegate of A in A's outlook settings.
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